Art, creativity and passion can cultivate anywhere but can't be contained. They spread without any borders just like the sky or as in arabic - 'Samaa'


We create Saudi's most talked-about experiences

Samaa is more than your regular service provider. Here, we don’t just complete tasks, we deliver a fulfilling experience to clients. Our guiding principle is ‘An event that isn’t eventful isn’t an event’. The experience has to be mesmerizing, unforgettable. We design, we deliver, on same lines. Samaa makes these four promises to stakeholders.
  • Transparent pricing
  • Realisation of intended goals
  • Infusion of ‘Saudi spirit’ in all events
  • Building a permanent adobe in the hearts of audience
Trust Samaa

Why Us?

The Team

Samaa's in-house talent brings to the table maturity as well as creativity. This sets us apart from the competition.

Past Deliveries

Samaa's portfolio is rich and diverse where we have collaborated with renowneddomestic and international clients.


Events, more so when you want them to be action-packed, demand in-depth know-how of the domain, and we come with the same attributes.

Cross-border Operations

When you come from outside of the Kingdom, you seek to tap the ‘Saudi spirit’. Samaa is your trustedpartner in this endeavour.

Seamless Processes

Samaa deploys a seamless operations process that is transparent and undemanding. You make the best of every penny that you spend.

What can Samaa undertake?

Public Events

Holding a successful event in the Kingdom requires know-how of culture and taste of the audience here, and then, connecting with that culture by establishing a loyal bond with the audience. We bridge gaps, if any, between cultures (overseas clients).
You will inevitably hear heartfelt cheers in events we organize, and that’s because we put in labour and prudence while designing and executing. Our team injects loyalty as well as extravagance to events to create a true, genuine bond with the audience/ participants.

Private Events

We totally appreciate your tastes and preferences. At the same time, we also add some bits to make your private events truly memorable. You can depend on us for ideas that will turn your modest plans into extravagant affairs and that too without overshooting your budget.
A little tweaks here and there, a little creativity and a little extra push is all that is needed to make the optimal use of resources at disposal. Your ultra-happy and overly-immersive private events are best engineered here, at Samaa.

Corporate Events

From conferences, seminars and new product launches to executive retreats and trade shows, we are your trusted partner in managing corporate events. You need perfect venue, yes we deliver; you want logistics to be taken care of, indeed we deliver; you want unforgettable audience interaction, of course we deliver.
The best part is we leave only the least possible for you to take care of; the rest, from erecting the podium to having constructive post-event feedback interactions, we deliver it all.

Conceptualisation & Design

There is a strong reason why we exist. There is a reason why members of our creative team did not pursue robotics or botany. The reason is our passion to create the best moments in the Kingdom that can stay in the hearts and minds of the audience, moments that can leave a lasting impression.
For this to become a reality, we rely on specialized conceptualisation services that turn the client’s raw idea into a concrete and implementable design.


We have a team of consultants that brings to the table expertise in the field of event management. Samaa serves both native and non-native clients. For any non-native client, the Kingdom can be an uncharted path. Indeed, outsiders may have apprehensions and may require familiarity to seamlessly connect with Saudi’s people and their culture.
We clear the skies and acquaint you with all information. Which is the best venue; how to plan the trip; what guidelines, if any, must be taken care of - we answer them all.

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government events


happy clients


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Samaa's Timeline

How it all got started?

  • 2016 Socio-economic Reforms
  • 2018 Inception of Samaa
  • 2019 First Corporate Event
  • 2020 10 Events in just 4 Months
07 May 2016 - 08 May 2016

Socio-economic reforms and initiation of General Entertainment Authority

10 June 2018 - 30 June 2018

Inception of Samaa Event Management

10 August 2018 - 30 August 2018

First official private event project

10 February 2019 - 28 February 2019

Managed a big corporate event

23 September 2020 - 30 September 2020

Managed 3 Ministry events with 2 months

10 January 2021 - 24 February 2021

Major rebranding to Samaa

Past Events

Our Previous Work

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What Our Clients Say


You Imagine, We Make It Happen

Imaginations can be turned real, one just needs sheer will. Samaa works with the same spirit, and the event that you imagine is brought to life right in front of your eyes. We don’t rest unless we earn the 'awe' of the audience. Events that can speak with the audience, events that can leave a mark in the hearts and minds of spectators, events that can influence people by their allureare what we promise.
  • Let's bring your sketches, your half-baked imaginations to life
  • Let's not just invite the audience, let’s also make it unforgettable for them
  • Let's join forces, 'the force ought to be with us'

They Trusted Us






Share your idea, your needs with the team, we will ensure impeccable solutions. Trust Saudi, trust Samaa.